Cook / Housekeeper

  • If you want a housekeeper, but also want wonderful home-cooked meals every day, then a Cook – Housekeeper may be the position you need (depending on the size of your household). These staffs not only keep your home in tip-top shape, but also keep you in shape with delicious and nutritious meals.

    As a cook-housekeeper, our staff will be responsible for all housekeeping duties, including deep cleaning of all rooms, laundry, organizing closets, etc. As a cook, our candidates will generally do all the grocery shopping, as well as make meals for your family. At Safe Hands, we have competent staffs who are passionate about taking care of the home for others and truly enjoy being in the kitchen.

    Each Housekeeper-Cook position is tailored to the family’s needs

    Need a Cook/Housekeeper?