Baby Nurse

  • At Safe Hands, we specialize in recruiting professional newborn nannies for first-time and experienced parents. Our newborn nannies can take on a mentoring role, or can help integrate your infant into your family’s daily routine.

    We hand-pick the most qualified, exceptional infant care professionals, all of whom are interviewed in-person at our office. We conduct a thorough screening of each candidate to ensure that they have the relevant experience, solid track record, personality, and values to match our clients’ childcare philosophies.

     The backgrounds of Baby Nurses vary. Baby Nurses have backgrounds as licensed nurses, certified nurse’s aides, nannies and paraprofessionals who have many years of experience. The focus of their job is caring for the newborn baby and assisting the new mother in her recovery

     For working mothers, returning to their professional careers is an important — and often challenging — step. Our newborn nannies help to ease the transition by providing patient, personalized care for the mother and newborn. In addition to essential tasks like feeding, cuddling, changing, and bathing, our nanny will also assist with household errands.

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